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Sara E. Murphy
Sara E. Murphy

Sara has been writing about and analyzing companies from a sustainable investment perspective for the last 16 years. An ardent optimist, she believes that it is entirely possible for all stakeholders to benefit and profit from companies' ingenuity and innovation.

Sara began her career working for NGOs in the international development and disaster response fields. She had an epiphany one day, and thought she had invented the concept of ethical investing. While initially disappointed that others had thought of this long ago, she was fortunate to be able to enter the humming field of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI). With the exception of a few years as an environmental consultant, she has never looked back. Her first job in the SRI field was with a Washington, DC-based research firm, where she conducted social and environmental analysis of publicly traded companies. From there, Sara moved to Europe to work as a senior sustainability analyst for a large SRI fund management team. Now back in Washington, DC, Sara is an independent consultant and analyst primarily covering sustainability issues for investors and consumers.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia in French and Spanish, and a Master of Arts degree from George Mason University in Economics. Sara grew up in Asia and Africa, and has observed first hand the direct and indirect effects of companies’ activities on communities and ecosystems. Her mission is to help make those impacts as positive as possible for all concerned.

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